About Me

Filmmaker. Storyteller. International Agent.
I'm Kathleen and I invite you to do & be spectacular together! It is not about simple movies. It is about bringing to life what seems impossible. It is about seeing with your own eyes what you have seen in your mind. It is about a dream that was once lost to now become palpable with your eyes and with your heart.
I work in the cinematographic field for a few months now and I have discovered one thing we have in common... we all dream. The next step is to trust me to bring your dream into reality with an ounce of sparks to make it better. We shall be spectacular!
And if YOU have great movies and you would like me to help to sell them to the world, as an International Agent, I can help you too. Message me.




Taking The




Collaborating with Switzerland and the USA

Besides Lochem Film Production, as an International Agent, I am collaborating with the well-known production company called Millenium Production and Thinking Man Film.

Up for the Challenge in 2021

Motivation and Excellence are my middle names ;)



I am French, I speak perfect English. I handle German and Italian conversations. I live in France, work also in Switzerland and travel the world for your projects. International is therefore my way of life!